I'm going to complain constantly.

So, I had absolutely the most frustrating day ever yesterday. I got off work and had a list of about 10 things I wanted to get accomplished that night, but on my way home I got a call from my dad who wanted to help me change my spark plugs and distributor cap and rotor, in the hopes that would solve the mystery of why my Jeep is running like crap lately. The process would take about an hour, so I figured I could squeeze it into my schedule. I skipped my jog and headed out to my parents' house.

The process is fairly straight forward, but we ran into problems when we broke a spark plug wire while taking the old wires off the plug. I headed back into town to get new wires when I ran into a huge traffic jam on the interstate with a cop making all of us turn around and head back to where we came from, forcing me to take an alternate route into town. It made a 15 minute trip take 40 or so.

We finished up the changing process in pretty good time, and the Jeep roared to life but sounded even worse than it did before we started. Then came a long and frustrating trouble shooting episode while we tried to figure out how we botched a relatively simple job.

Anyway, it was getting close to 9, and I knew I had to stop by Circuit City to buy some stuff for work, so I took my not-running-exactly-right Jeep home. Turning out of my parents' drive way, my "Check Engine" light comes on. By now I'm so pissed off that I'm just going to ignore it, go home, and leave worrying about it until tomorrow. I get to Circuit City and as I'm digging my keys out of my pocket, I realize I still have my dad's keys to the truck he gave me to get new plug wires. I had to go all the way back out there to drop them off.

By now I'm frustrated, pissed off, tired, and I just want to ignore the other 10 things I had to do and get home and go to sleep. But I get back out to my parents' house, drop off the keys, and tell my dad about the "Check Engine" light. We spend a little while longer trouble shooting. Turns out that I was in a hurry to get all the plugs in and accidently mashed a few gaps closed, making them either not fire or misfire or something.

The "Check Engine" light is still on, which is easily ignorable but annoying because I'll have to take it to a service station to get it to go out, costing me another $65 in addition to the $800 or so I've spent on that blasted car in the last few weeks.

So I got home around 9:45, watched Real World/Road Rules challenge (which did kind of cheer me up), and tried to calm myself down. I don't know why I was so fed up with the universe yesterday, since I'm usually a "glass is half-full" kinda guy, but whatever. I'm in a much better mood today. Let's hope it continues.

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