I'm going to

I'm going to make my plea one more time, in an effort to get it to reach as many people as possible. PLEASE, stop complaining about me. I'm begging you. You know you're right, you know I'm wrong. Chances are I know the same things. I'm always wrong. Everyone else is always right. That's fine, and I can accept it. But please, stop rubbing it in. I'll come to terms with it on my own, in my own time, without your help. Take comfort in the fact that you know you're right, and use that comfort to stop telling me how wrong I am. Thanks.

I got a call from my dad last night. My grandma took a turn for the worse... she got really confused in the middle of the night and thought she could walk to the bathroom, but unfortunately she hasn't been able to walk in about 3 months. She fell, of course, the entire 2 feet from the bed to the floor. In the process she broke both arms, a few ribs, and her hip. A few days ago, I didn't think her condition could get any worse until she died. I guess I was wrong.

She's in the hospital now, and will probably be there the rest of her life. Her hip is broken bad enough that they would need to perform surgery to insert the pins to reset it correctly. Since she wouldn't survive the surgery anyway, they're just going to leave it broken.

It's really hard to watch one of your family members in that state. Knowing they'll never heal. Knowing they'll never get better again. Knowing that every time you see them, it will probably be the last time you see them.

I'll heal. I'll get better. I've had rough times before. I'm getting really good at turning off that part of my brain that gets affected by negative things. I was hoping to not have to do that this time. I was hoping to confront the issues head on and deal with them, one at a time. But since I've never really done that before, I knew it was going to take a long time. Unfortunately, I, and everyone else, is losing patience with that approach.

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