I'm making final

I'm making final preparations for this freelancing thing. Last night a computer genius friend of mine stopped by to help me order a computer. I had about $2000 budgeted for the computer, and he had a good plan to use every penny of that. It would have been a monster computer, but unfortunately his plan depended on some sort of something or other being released already, and it wasn't. We had to use his fallback plan, which is still a faster computer than I'm working on now, and it was also only $1200 or so. I still have to get $200 or so worth of parts from around town, but I'm ready and rarin' to go that. The parts should be here in about a week, and it shouldn't take more more than a night or 2 to put them all together and make them run.

We finished our shopping and our ordering at around 9:30, and surprise surprise, in walks Scott Olsson and his fiancee Jackie at like 9:45. Scotty was a good friend of Brian and me in high school, and absolutely the smartest guy who has ever lived. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that. If I had to pick one human being in the world to switch places with, I would pick Scotty. Or Bruce Campbell. One of the 2.

We talked and caught up a bit. Scott has one year left to get his Masters (what the hell is that? The kid is 21), and then he's going to go into some sort of research team as he completes his doctrate. I know a few summers ago, he was researching the physics of black holes, although I'm pretty sure he's not anymore. I'd ask him, but he'd just spout off a bunch of stuff I don't understand, then laugh at me for trying.

After they left, I went right to bed. Today I have to deposit my paycheck and pay off my credit cards. Ah, the days when I had a $0 balance on my cards. It seems like just yesterday... oh, yeah, it WAS just yesterday.

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