I'm not sure

I'm not sure how long I can keep up with this 2 pound per day weight loss thing I got goin' on, but my guess is not much longer. Down to my original 222 this morning. That's with no adjustment to my exercise, only diet. Once the competition heats up, I'm going to exercise longer too. Just wait.

Hey, so, last night I didn't do anything except stay up way too late geeking out on the new tim.cx. It's proving to be a difficult venture to say the least. A little too ambitious, maybe, but it'll be sweet. In the process I'm learning more about vlogging, or video blogging, or video web logging, depending on how short you want to make the phrase. It's a blossoming trend which is endlessly fascinating to me, even though most of the ones I stumbled upon bored me to tears.

Tonight is Webs or Webbs or something. Tomorrow is Louis CK. Somewhere in there middle is laundry.

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