I'm really tired.

I'm really tired.

I got home last night, and Brice had left a message on my machine. He calls at like 3:30 everyday and just talks to my machine. Why would he do that? I don't get it. Anyway, he wanted to go out to dinner. I didn't really want to go out with him because we need some "away time" right now. He's annoying the piss out of me.

I tried to make other plans but everyone else was busy and Brice sounded like such a sad little man, so I agreed to go out with him. It was Wednesday, which means $3/lb. night at Garners for the first time in a long time. We met Steph and Molly there, had a good dinner and went on our way.

Me and Steph had discussed a plan to get out of further arrangements with Brice, but they didn't work. After dinner, Steph and Molly went home and me and Brice went to Best Buy to pick up some DVDs. I got The Way of the Gun, Predator, Pearl Jam Single Video Theory, Final Destination, and Fargo. Good movies.

Anyhoo, we get back to my place. KJ calls, asking if Megan left her coat at my place on New Years. She had, so they stopped by to pick it up. Brice had to leave at about 9:30, then Steph stopped by again at 10. We watched Final Destination, during which Brian and John came over. I drank a beer. I also drank a Mr. Pibb.

That was my night.

Tonight I have to go home. Again. I hate going home every single week. I really hate it. If I wanted to see my family all the time I wouldn't have moved out.

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