I'm such an idiot.

I wanted to stay in last night and get to sleep early. Oh, how I wanted that.

I got home and listened to my messages. One was from the girl who ditched me twice over the weekend. It said "I was calling to see if you wanted to go to Gorman's to celebrate Josh's birthday tomorrow", so I'm thinking I go to bed early tonight, go to Gorman's tomorrow, and I'm all set. No. She meant did I want to go to Gorman's tonight to celebrate his birthday, which is tomorrow.

Well, I ended up going, because I'm an idiot who does stupid things. I stayed out until about 1:30 then came home. The apartment above me was having a party again, so I fell asleep in my game room. Sometime in the course of the night I got up and went to my bedroom, but I don't remember doing that.

It was a good time I guess, but that girl actually said to me "Hey, thanks for not calling me back". I was going to say something like "Yeah, and thanks for ditching me twice in a weekend", but my delivery would have been a little late and I would have looked like a dick, so I kept my mouth shut. She'll get hers though. Oh yes.

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