I'm sure no

I'm sure no one else remembers, but I was having the time of my life around 2000-2001. All my friends were best friends, there wasn't a whole lot to worry about or a whole lot of responsibilities. We're all growing up, getting careers, getting older, and apparently, getting more dramatic. My theory is that the whole loss of the youth and increase of maturity was something none of us eased into. It can pretty much be pinned down to the day it happened, giving none of us time to prepare properly for it. Anyhoo.

That said, I ended up going out on Friday and not really having a good time, due to yelling, physical threats of violence against me (granted, I was being a jack ass, mostly because I was pissed about all the yelling and drama from the rest of the evening), insults, dirty little jabs at people, and an overall sense of annoyance. So I wasn't out long, but long enough to get bothered by the whole thing.

On Saturday I hung out with Jack and the rest of the family. We ate at Applebee's and saw a Christmas tree exhibit thing. I spent the rest of the day cleaning out my old bedroom at my parents' house so they can turn it into an office or some such thing. I guess that means I'm never invited back.

Yesterday I did nothing, and it was brilliant. By nothing, I mean I worked my ass off on portraits and my new site, but didn't get out of my pajamas or shower and only rarely left my couch. It was awesome. I tried to get someone to go to the Chinese Buffet with me, but came up short. I sat around a little more. I ended up going to a late dinner, where hopefully we sorted out some of the drama that had gone on earlier in the weekend. I wasn't directly involved in the drama, since as my friends know, I like to keep my life relatively confrontation-free. I was involved only because my annoyance with the situations nearly got me into a fight (almost identical to what used to happen a few years back nearly every weekend), and my unbiased, 3rd party opinions were greeted with accusations and general upset from both parties. It was about that time I realized that when beer is involved, I need to keep my opinions to myself. Last night everyone seemed a bit more receptive and a bit less pissed off about them.

My life is much more like a soap opera than I like it.

I missed a bit of hair while shaving this morning. It's right at the corner of my mouth. It's going to annoy me all day.

Fact: R. Kelly's older brother, Brian, is the main reason I stayed sane while living in Chicago, and a big factor of why I actually finished college up there instead of being so frustrated and lonely that I came home.

Memory: Wolford and I made plans to watch all the Friday the 13th movies in 1 night. We didn’t make it, but I stayed up really late trying. On the way home, I hit a deer and dented up my fender.

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