I'm typing this to waste time.

Today has flown by. This productivity thing is was underrated. I just need to scan a few pictures and the page is complete.

A few friends came by today to take me to lunch. I took an almost 2 hour break, got back, and hung out with my friends in the lobby for a while. The owner of the business walked by and talked to us for a while, and when he left I explained to them who we had just met. They were shocked at my indifference, and how I didn't mind showing him I wasn't working. I've been telling them for months how bored I am here. I don't even pretend to work anymore.

I did get quite a shock today though... one of my many bosses told me to bring in my portfolio and demo reel tomorrow. She said she talked to some people who saw it who were very impressed. Maybe when they see what I can do they'll start letting me do it. Or maybe they missed their shot and I'll find other work soon. I can only hope...

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