important events I forgot to include....

These happened on like Tuesday night, but for some unknown reason I didn't include them here. Oh well. Here goes.

Tuesday was meant to be a night when I sat at home and did laundry and other things that need to be done. Well, I don't have any self control sometimes, and I got an invite to go out, and I did. My dad constantly buys cars that have something wrong with them for cheap, fixes them, then sells them for more money. He's weird like that. Well, he just bought a new car and needed me to go pick it up for him. So a group of friends picked me up, we went out to eat, then we went to get the car. We were just going to take the car to a friends, go to a bar for a while, then go home.

On the way to the friends, the car starts overheating. We pulled over into Hardee's, got some big cups of water, cooled it off, then were on our way. We called my dad and he seemed unworried. So, we go back to the plan as scheduled. We hit the bars for a while. I'll get back to the car thing, but here's another important detail of the night. From here on out, my story will be incredibly disjointed and random. Deal with it.

As you know, my recent obsession with Jill/Julie has been forced to come to a halt. Since I need to be obsessed with a girl to survive, I was on the lookout. I buy DVDs every Tuesday from Best Buy, and always from the same cashier. Really nice girl. At a crappy frat party a week or 2 ago, I see her there. I walk up like "you're the girl from Best Buy". Remarkably, she remembered me. We talked for a little and that was that. I started thinking about asking her to my housewarming, and maybe, just maybe, she could be my new obsession. Well, she was at this party with a guy. Big buy, and according to his frat brothers, 26 years old. That's pretty old.

Well, this night at the bar I was sitting there eating pizza, and up she walks and says "Hi, Tim". Wow...

So we talked for a while and I was getting ready to invite her to my party. Then up walks the big 26 year old, puts his arm around her, and they walk away. Hm.... So I was admiring her from a distance, and she started getting all up on this other guy. Then another. The 3rd guy she kissed on the lips, but with the exception of the arm around her thing, the 26 year old seemed out of the picture.

Well, since it's pretty much a requirement that my obsession want nothing to do with me, she seemed to fit into that category perfectly. I mean, if she's a slut, she's not going to want me, who would settle for nothing less than monogamy. If one of those many guys was her boyfriend, then she definitely won't. So, I may just have to be obsessed with her.

But we met this other girl at the bar, who we had met before. Friend of a friend thing. She's cool too. If Ms. Best Buy kills the obsession early, I may just have to obsess over her.

So, it's a little after midnight, we leave the bar. We take all sorts of water with us to cool the overheating car. A friend followed in his car to help me out when I needed it. We stopped every few miles, filled the coolant, then kept going. We made it home with little difficulty, but pulling over, filling it, then waiting for it to cool down made a short trip seem very long. We get back to my place a little before 12:30, and I go in to tell my dad about the serious overheating problem. While my friend was there he was cool about it, just cooling it down with our help. my friend left, then my dad started throwing hissy fits at me, telling me I ruined the car. Sorry dad, I'll never do you another favor then.

I didn't get to bed until 1:30 or so. Maybe I was so tired on Wednesday that I just forgot to type it, but there it is. Better late than never, right?

I really am going to invite Ms. Best Buy to my party though. I really am. I swear. And a stripper. I'm inviting a stripper too.

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