It has come

It has come to my attention that people suck. Thank you.

Anyway, last night I went out with Fabish and KJ to Gorman's, who were having $.50 drafts for some reason. Sure, the cups were small and plastic, but they were also $.50. We spent the first half of the evening brainstorming on cartoon ideas among other things. All 3 of us have a sort of odd sense of humor and weird ideas about things. Once junkmachine is up and running, I'm sure we'll have some weird, weird cartoons to put up.

Later in the evening Amy and Bridget joined us. They didn't stay long... KJ and Bridget had to get to their respective places to do homework of some type, and Amy was tired and wanted to go to bed. I was home by midnight and started watched Desperado, but fell asleep right after the naked Salma Hayak scene.

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