It rained again

It rained again last night. The 1 sunny day in the forecast has now been changed to "scattered showers", although now it's warming up. Of course, the warmth makes it humid, so maybe I actually preferred it being cooler.

Last night after work I had to go pick Abby up from the grooming place. She never stopped panting and was shedding like crazy, so we got her hair cut. She looks like a completely different dog. Before she was just a big ball of fluff, but now she's got really short, poofy hair. She's not nearly as cute as she was before.

After that, I came home, watched some TV, and finally finished my new crappy web page. I will now begin a shamless self promotion.

The webpage is at, and is far from complete. I was in a hurry to get it up, since we're having a party on Saturday and I wanted to broadcast it. So, I threw it up there as very bare-bones. You should go and post things in my forum, since no one has yet, and my forum is lonely.

That's the end of my self promotion.

Just as I completely and uploaded the web page, Polk and Liz stopped by. We chatted for a while, and they left as Fabish and Alan got home from their respective jobs.

I had to get up stupidly early today to take Brice to the airport. He's going to visit an exgirlfriend. While he's gone, I also have to take care of his stupid dog. At least Abby will have someone to play with.

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