It was a

It was a boring night last night. I don't really go out on weekends anymore, opting instead to go out on weekdays whenever and wherever the drink specials are. It's part of being broke without a real job.

I downloaded and watched Punch-Drunk Love last night. I can't say that I understand the title, but I'm so stoked that I actually LIKE a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. His other ones have sucked. This one was amazing. It was one of those movies with ridiculous characters who you just fall in love with and feel sorry for. Adam Sandler played the same guy he usually plays... shy and awkward and prone to psychotic outbursts, but he did it so well in this movie without the comedy aspect of it. All of you should go here and read all the quotes from this flick. They'll all hilarious and awkward and great. I can't say enough good things about this movie. It was amazing.

I also downloaded Trapped, which I had been looking forward to for a while. It was less impressive. If I would have watched Trapped first, I may have enjoyed it more.

Today I go to work for a few hours, then I have no plans. I'll probably spend another night at home painting. I like painting.

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