It was a

It was a good weekend filled with too much drinkin'.

Wednesday was Hoops night, as per usual. It was a small crowd. Me, Mullens, Anna, and Angie. I ate too much pizza and drank some beers. Good times.

Thursday was Turkey Day, of course. I headed down to Woodhull to spend the day with my mom's side of the family. I ate too much turkey and ham, and tried to eat around the bugs that were crawling on my pumpkin pie. Ew. My mom's side of the family aren't a classy bunch.

After a shitty lunch, I headed back to P-town and met up with Wolford. By "met up", I mean he came to my house. He, Alan, and I tried to go to Hooters, which was closed for the holiday or some such nonsense. Hoops is always open though, so I hit up Hoops for the 2nd time in 2 days, where they promptly burnt my calzone and made me a new one for free, despite the fact that I had eaten the entire burnt one before they got my new one to me. I shared it with Wolford because I'm such a nice guy.

Friday I worked, made fat commission, and stayed late, meeting the brothers Polk, Brandon, Wolford, and Craigomatic at Donnelly's. Since it was President's birthday celebration, we headed downtown to Sullivan's, where it was less crowded than I expected it to be. Later in the evening, Schwa, Princess, Adam, and shit tons of people from high school showed up. It was like a mini high school reunion. The difference being that I wasn't wearing a name tag and, hence, no one remembered who the fuck I was. Having Mullens there made it worse, since everyone remembered him, he remembered everyone, and everyone looked at me like "I know I should remember you but I haven't the foggiest idea who you are". But such is life, and I find myself relatively unaffected by the lack of hellos I got that night.

I left early since I had to work on Saturdays, and since I haven't been working out as per usual, and have been all groggy and stupid feeling as of late. I missed Big Al's, but my night was complete after seeing Pres puke at Sullivan's.

Saturday was spent with my dog watching TV, and it was good.

Today I worked. Freddy vs. Jason has been successfully downloaded and I just made the trek back from Wal Mart with my new $30 DVD player so I can actually watch it on my TV. I got the last $30 player, which made my day complete.

I have the next 2 days off. It'll be awesome. AWESOME.

Tomorrow I re-start my diet and excercise schedule. Hardcore, baby. Hardcore.

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