It was a

It was a good weekend for this kid. Friday afternoon I had my meeting with Iona, which went well, but I think was simply for show. Nothing will come of it, I imagine. Still, it was good to see everyone again and interesting to see what they're doing with the place.

Then Mullens and I got lunch and took care of some errands before stopping by John Zarr's house to invite him bowling with us. We made our plans and went to Kouri's to wait for him. Our expected wait was about 45 minutes, but we ended up there almost 3 hours waiting for him. At least we had free shrimp to enjoy. A bit pissed off about the blow off, Mullens and I went to meet Angie at Jimmy's, then head to a barbeque.

The barbeque was good, except that I was tired and I didn't know anyone and there was something wrong with the keg and I ended up with black chunks of something at the bottom of my beer.

Saturday I took care of some lawn work and other chores, took a nap, then saw The Day After Tomorrow with my parents and Jaimee. I liked it about as much as I thought I would like it. Then we met Wolfie, The Brandon, The Kristi, and The Tiffany at Richards. Good conversation where I made fun of most of the table and myself, embarrasing stories about pissing myself, and staying up way later than an old man with a real job should.

Yesterday was another lazy day spent watching Last Comic Standing, working on Optimus, and going to sleep early.

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