It's been a

It's been a long and hectic few days for me.

This year, Christmas with various families is going to be bigger than it's been since I was about 8. On Saturday we're having a Christmas with my mom's side of the family down in Woodhull... So, I need to get presents for my aunt, uncle, grandpa, cousin, and my cousin's little kid who I can't remember their name. Christmas morning will be spent with my immediate family plus Robert, and the next day my family from Georgia will be getting here, which means I need to buy presents for my other aunt and uncle and little cousin. For the last 10 years or so, we haven't celebrated like this... it's always just been me and my family.

The last few days have been spent Christmas shopping (almost done now), and procrastinating on this project that's due tomorrow. As soon as this entry is finished I'm going to start on that. I mean it this time.

Last night I had dinner with my parents, and then they were going to go by Kinko's and order some calendars. Unfortunately Kinko's told us the calendars wouldn't be done until Saturday which was simply unnacceptable, so with my parents watching, I went behind the counter and resumed my keyop position that I haven't worked for like 2.5 years. It was kind of hard to get used to the machine again, but I got the calendars finished up and looking great in about 25 minutes or so. Not too shabby, although in my prime I could have done it in about 10, I bet.

I also dragged Alan to my sister's house since she needed some help carrying things around the house. They weren't heavy or anything, but for a girl whose 8 months pregnant, I imagine it would be kind of awkward and hard to carry. She's due in just about a month now. I think I'm more excited then she is. I still have to paint her nursery though.

I feel bad since I've been so busy and have only spent 1 meal with Steph since she's been home. I'll have to give her a call tomorrow. Oh, another weird thing... Today I got a phone call from Missy who I haven't talked to in about 5 months. We're eating lunch together tomorrow.

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