It's been a

It's been a strange few days. Jaimee was out of town, so I got my first taste of what it will be like to come home to an empty house, sleep in an empty bed, and not get dinner made for me. It will be okay.

I exchanged my free 20" TV for a 27" TV of the same brand, and it's sweet. It makes cool video game noises when you turn it on and off, which is a bonus. I also went out to Kouris with Alan, Angie, Mullens, Jenny, and her new beau, Ben. I stayed out a bit late, and woke up crazy tired, but that didn't last. I wonder if the only difference between 7 and 8 hours of sleep is the 5 minutes when you first wake up.

Last night I went out to my parents' house to see my Aunt Cathy and Dave and Robert and Jack. That kid gets cuter every day.

I can't belive Todd Glass lost to Jay. I mean, I think Jay is funny, sure. But not funnier than Todd. Ah well.

My guess for the winner: Gary Gulman.

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