It's been an

It's been an excellent weekend so far. Friday I played the fifth wheel, which is always a fun time, at Bogie's where Polk stole a glass. I was shocked and ecstatic when Fabish called during dinner, since I see him about once a month for a couple of hours these days. I headed to his house where we ate donuts, chit-chatted, and watched that new Michael Moore documentary whose name I won't even try to spell.

Saturday I spent the day with Angie getting tires put on her car. While at the mall waiting for the operation to be finished, I happened across a new digital camera that I just couldn't not buy. It's that awesome one from the commercial with Steven Tyler where that chick pulls it out of her pants and snaps a picture. It's really small and 5 megapixels, and it's totally sweet.

I headed out to my parents' house to help my dad clear away some brush in the woods. Afterwards, Angie and I went to Chili's and to see I Heart Huckabees using my gift certificates I got for my birthday. I Heart Huckabees was... um... interesting. It definitely had it's moments where I couldn't stop laughing, but evened it out with moments when I didn't know what the hell was happening. Overall, I'm relatively sure I liked it, but not 100%.

Then we met Alan, Nate, Emily, Amy, and a bunch of others whose names I can't remember at Old Chicago. A few beers later, they were ready for Roxy's. We decided we'd go for a drink, but changed our mind when they were charging a cover. We went home.

And now it's today. I have some cleaning to do and other small tasks, with The Grudge later tonight if everything works out.

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