It's been a

It's been a busy couple of days. On Tuesday I went out with The Brandon and Polk to make up for not going out with them on Friday. Good times, good conversation, good waitress, and good food. And beer. Which is all you need.

Last night Mullens needed help with an assignment to build a webpage. I gave him a bit of insight into the task and helped him turn his site into something that doesn't hurt your eyes to look at it. While we were working on that, Angie worked on sewing a blanket and watched TV. We drank enough beer to make the page look good, whether it actually did or not.

Filling in the gaps between everything else, I've been pounding out the portraits. I've done a lot this year, with a stack waiting to be done. But it's a good thing.

Fact: Everyone knows I used to work at a movie theater. But did you know I worked there with my brother-in-law, Mullens, John Zarr, Jill Zarr, Dave McAtee, Jeremy Johnson, and Scott Reyling? Did you know I got the job way before any of those guys, and had a small hand in getting them jobs there? And while I'm at it, I got Scott Olsson a job at Kinko's.

Memory: The party at Brice's when I mentioned how cool it would be to puke off the balcony. Mullens got excited and tried to pressure Angie and me into puking with him. He closed his eyes tight and was concentrating so hard on the task, throwing out words of encouragement while Angie and I stood back and laughed. He didn't notice we were participating. Watching the vomit splatter on the ground below was less funny and more gross than I expected.

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