It's been a

It's been a really busy couple of days.

Today I spent some time updating my dad's webpage. My auctions were also all ending today, so I monitored them and got them ready to go. So far, I've made $340 off the merchandise with eBay, plus $150 selling Fabish some speakers. So, I'm down $60, but I have that cool Jensen stereo to sell, and those gay headphones that I will never get rid of. I'll probably make a profit, but if I can't sell that stereo, I'll just keep it. It's pretty cool, after all.

I also won an auction. An old Nintendo for $12. Sweet, baby, sweet. The games on eBay are like $2 each, too. Most Nintendos on eBay are going for like $40, but this one may or may not be broken. We'll see.

I went to Kinko's and got more Sam/Bruce things printed, as well as a few things for the new Dave sent out my ad tonight, so hopefully I'll get some sales tomorrow.

Then, I had to go out to my parent's house to help my dad with some things he needed help with. So it's been a busy day. It's weird... when I was just doing my own thing, it seemed like I never had enough to do. Now that I work 15 hours a week, I never have a day off anymore. I've always got something to do... CDs to burn, freelance to do, updates to my own stuff, etc.

Kinko's also offered me a 3rd shift position while I was there today. I used to work 3rd back in the day. I dismissed it at first, but I've been considering it more and more. I loved working 3rd, and they paid me way more than the gallery pays me now. But, I also have to keep in mind that this is not my career. I should be working on my own stuff, and be carving out a new job in a new field, rather than resorting to what I was doing at age 17 to pay the bills. Can't lose focus. Eyes on the prize and all that stuff.

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