It's been a

It's been a busy few days, working, paying bills, and catching up on things that I've been slacking off with during my big TV adventure. That should be just about wrapped up now, thankfully, and it's back to a normal life.

Alan and I started our diets back up yesterday and kicked 'em into full gear. We jogged a few miles, then walked to the grocery store to pick up healthy food to eat for the next few days and weeks. My beer intake is limited to twice a week, as is my eating out intake. I've got about 15 more pounds to lose before I color this diet over.

Last night Alan and I stopped by Angie's place to pick up some stuff we'd left over there. She wasn't there, so we just turned around and left. Angie's landlord described me as "a skinny guy with a beard in a Jeep". It's really weird being referred to as skinny.

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