It's been a

It's been a big week for me, considering I'm unemployed and all. My dad has taken pity upon me once again and given me a job cleaning carbs for him. It's totally lame. I take them apart, bead blast them, wipe 'em down, paint 'em, and leave them for him to put back together. For those of you who don't know, he runs a small business on the side doing tripowers and I've always helped him with the website (, eBay, email, and the like, but this carb stuff isn't my style. It's okay though, and makes me feel less bad about the financial help I get from him on occassion. And it leaves him time to do the important stuff, so he's able to take more jobs and make more money. So it's a good thing. Although one of the worst things about being unemployed is the severe lack of human contact. And working alone in my dad's garage is no better than sitting alone on my couch.

Yesterday was the job fair. It totally blew. And sucked. The 2 jobs that look appealing to me from there are a correctional officer at a prison and a car salesman. Most people were looking for telemarketers, and in a huge completely tasteless move, there were no less than 5 colleges and trade schools there looking for students. It's a fucking job fair, not a "go back to school" fair. I was one of the people who got duped by walking up to them and asking what they were looking for, only to hear "students". I saw a bunch of people do the same thing.

And today is the Trading Places thingie. I just hope I get my name in the paper. Again.

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