It's been a

It's been a busy day.

I have a few projects I'm working on at once, and I keep getting handed more to do. It's not fun. One could say it's less fun than not working. Or something.

Last night I picked up Abby and went to my aunt's house. She has a fenced in back yard, so Abby was able to run free, without a leash, for the first time since I've owned her. She also got to play with Woody, my aunt's dog. She seemed to really like Woody's rawhide chew toy, so my aunt gave me some pointers on what to buy so she'll start chewing on things and playing more. It was appreciated, since my dog refuses to play.

After I got done there, I went to PetsMart with Abby (dogs are welcome to wander the store and play with the toys... weird...), and let her play with certain chew toys to see what she likes. I bought some of the chicken basted ones my aunt recommended, and Abby was chewing the crap out of them yesterday. Finally. She still won't play tug of war with me, but we're getting somewhere.

I also bought her one of those extendable dog leashes ($17, highway robbery), some more dog food, and a few other toys. She seemed appreciative.

I went home and listened to the rest of my Pearl Jam bootleg. I had forgotten some of the stuff Eddie said to the crowd. Like when he made fun of No Code not selling hardly any albums, and all the Ralph Nader talk. I also forgot the reference he made to their European concert, where 9 people were killed. I heard they weren't supposed to say anything about it because of the trial, so they sort of said ambiguous things that could be taken either way. Interesting stuff. To me, I mean. Not to any of you.

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