It's mine all

It's mine, all mine!

Good times in the last few days. Jaimee is back, of course, and we're both adjusting pretty well to living life together. Hopefully I'll get a tad more clean and organized and she'll get a tad less anal about it when there's shoes on the kitchen table or something. Adjusting to life with Alan and his retarded dog will take a bit more effort on both our parts, however.

Speaking of Alan's dog, I'd like to take a time out to mention how fucking much I hate this dog. I hate it with a passion hotter than a thousand suns. People may think I'm blowing it out of proportion how god awful this dog is, but I don't think I am. It's just awful in ways people can't even begin to appreciate without actually living with the dog. Jaimee is even a bigger dog lover than I am and her patience with that foul beast is wearing thin. I'm glad that it's not just me but feel bad that someone else has to deal with it. I honestly have murderous thoughts about this dog and have seriously contemplated mixing cyanide with it's food. I hate that dog. Not to get off track with this post or anything...

So, since Jaimee's return, we've been to Hoops, Donnelly's, both Wal-Marts (we should head to East Peoria to hit #3), Steak 'n Shake, and a few other greater Peoria establishments.

Work and commissions have been a bit slow this month. Work right now is crazy slow and I'm crazy bored. I'm hoping to get off early to get to Fabish's welcome home party to greet him after a couple months in Seattle. Mullens is trying to pull some strings to see that happen.

I'm just trying to place in the top 6 salesman for the last 2 months to win a good prize at the Christmas party, which takes place in January sometime. That shouldn't be too much of an issue, but we'll see.

I'm hungry. I'm bored.

I'm so excited about Inspector Gadget I could explode.

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