It's official.

1,000,000 people have seen my artwork and graphics. How freaking cool is that? If you'd like to be number 1,000,001, head on over to funny I did all of the graphics and illustrations there. They're not the best or most complicated drawings in the world, but 1 million people have now seen them.

I've been extremely busy lately with all this freelancing nonsense, and on the side I'm doing this new web-based project. The project requires me to go open up a new business account at my bank and do all sorts of tax stuff, which will be a pain, but I'll certainly learn a lot in the process.

Plus Dave (the guy who did the funnyprizes site) just came up with yet another cool new business plan, so I'll be insured more jobs from him for a long time to come. If my business starts up and does well, I'll be sitting pretty for a long time... my own business, Iona, and Dave will keep me well fed with many toys for a long time to come. And anyone who knows me knows I like eating and playing with toys.

I bought everyone their Christmas presents for this year without leaving my house. I accidently bought 2 DVD players, one of which will go to my sister and Robert, and the other will be sent back for a refund. I bought my unborn niece or nephew this weird little toy... I hope it's a niece, because if it's a nephew this toy may turn him gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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