It's official.

I am now a freelance illustrator. Before, I was just a freelance multimedia designer. But not anymore. Now I'm a freelance illustrator.

I got a job drawing "gag gifts", like whoopie coushins and shock buzzers and stuff. I'm sure all guys will remember those old ads in the back of Boy's Life advertising them... well, now I'm drawing them. The way I got the job was a bit odd and I wasn't positive I even had it, but he sent me a check for the first 1/3 of the project and promised me that I am his "go to" guy for this entire project, as well as a lot of stuff he's got coming up.

He's a strange fella, making money in weird ways in weird places. He's in charge of several sponsored websites, all of them a bit goofy, like Clumsy Crooks, and he assures me that he can keep me pretty busy. Awesome. I'm drawing cartoons for money. I haven't done that since I was 16. It's an exciting time.

Plus Iona just gave me more work to do, so next week I could make a grand or so. Of course, then I probably won't work again for a few weeks, but still. It's exciting.

It's a shame my computer is acting weird though... I can't get this stuff done with computer problems, you know. I'll get it figured out, I hope.

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