I've been not

I've been not updating lately, so here's a rundown of the past few days.

Mullens took me out to eat at Hooters, which means that once I'm making money again, I'll owe him 2 meals. We watched Junkyard Wars and drank some beers. Last night I went to visit Jack and my sister, and my parents brought some Famous Dave's ribs, which were excellent. One more free meal. Not a lot else has been going on with me, I suppose. It sucks having no money.

The worst part is this webpage that's in progress. The guy who is doing the programming is either dragging his feet or just really terrible at estimating dates, since he has yet to meet one deadline that he sent to me. I'm to the point where I can't do any more work until he's done with his part, which is a horrible, horrible waiting game. I don't necessarily want to go out and look for more work, since I want to keep my schedule free and clear so that when he's done I can devote every second of my day to finishing it up and promoting it. But I'm out of money and will owe him a lot more once he's done with his part, and that fucking sucks. If he could have kept his deadline of January 1st, none of this financial stuff would have been a problem. I guess I just need to plan ahead better in the future, and plan for the worst.

So, it slushed a lot here the other day and water is leaking under our door to the courtyard, soaking our entire hallway. Now that it's drying up, it smells like mold. Plus there's never any hot water in the building until like 3:30, which sucks. Only 3 more months here and then I'll get a better place. I'll miss the roomies though, I'm sure.

I just put on Yield for the first time in about a year. This is such a great album. Why don't I listen to it more often?

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