I've been thinking

I've been thinking a lot and coming to some conclusions on a mess that's been going on in my head for a while.

I'm pretty much the happiest I've ever been right now. When I was a silly kid and not as old and smart as I am now, I used to associate happiness with a significant other. I've learned now that sometimes significant others can even make you feel worse about your life. I know, its a simple lesson, but it took me a while to learn.

I think the secret is to be as happy as possible on your own, then find someone to share your happiness with. And, if possible, get some happiness from the other one as well. If either isn't happy, they're going to average out to be unhappy rather than make each other happy. If you rely on someone else to feel good about yourself constantly, then I can't think of one way that's a healthy relationship.

But even more important than that, I think, is finding someone who is comfortable and interesting in the long run. It's easy to get a crush on someone new. It's easy to find them interesting and funny. The trick is getting to know someone, and getting to know them so well, and still being interested in them as a person. Find the person who never makes you mad or bores you, even after knowing them on basically a daily basis for years, and you've got it made.

Edit: I know that statement came off the tail end of relationship talk, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't mean it in that respect. But I also mean it in every relationship you have. Friendships and family included.

Cell phones and tardiness are inexcusable here at work, so I'm unable to fish out an old text message to post. So here's a movie quote.

You ain't leading but 2 things right now. Jack and shit. And Jack left town. - Ash, Army of Darkness

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