I've decided to

I've decided to take some serious action against my credit card debt.

See, before I got this good job with a consistent income, I was self employed and working crappy jobs part time to pay the bills. Many months, I didn't quite have enough to pay them so I'd whip out the credit card and charge my phone bill, or electricity bill, or whatever I needed to do. It wasn't the brightest plan in the world, but I was raised knowing it was good to pay your bills and bad to not pay them. I made minimum payments on the credit cards and watched the debt get a bit out of control.

The worst part is that I don't have much to show for it. Some people have huge credit card debt, but at least have a sweet TV or something. Not me. I'm paying off a phone bill from 2 years ago.

Anyway, so I've spent the last 7 or 8 months trying to get rid of this debt. Then I landed this job and took a 10 day home improvement vacation, spending money on lawn care supplies, a small brick wall, people to haul away some garbage, lawn furniture, paint, new handles for the kitchen cabinets, a new laptop, and, well, I charged a lot. I should have known better.

So, I was tallying up my current debt and the debt I aquired a couple years ago, and I decided it would be best to take out a bank loan to pay them off. With my new job, it shouldn't be an issue. Yesterday I was approved for said loan, and I need to call in today to set up an appointment to sign some papers. Then it's goodbye, credit card debt. It's haunted me for years, and now I'll just have the 1 low interest bank loan to pay off. So that will be nice.

It's a 1 year loan, but I suspect I can pay it off in 7 or 8 months if I'm careful. I know this was boring to everyone reading it, but it's a big weight off my shoulders.

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