I've got bills

I've got bills to pay and money to pay them with, which means the world is good today.

Big plans for my day off today. I'm going to wash Jeepy, pay some bills, work on Optimus Prime, and pick Jaimee up at 5 to go to the poor people sale downtown. That's a sale for poor people, not a sale where they sell poor people. Just to clarify.

Since I just spent an hour of my day lifting weights and working on my elliptical machine, I'd like to express my contempt for gastric bypass surgery. And liposuction, while I'm at it. Man, I fucking hate those surgeries like fat people hate exercise.

Everywhere I look, I see celebrities get gastric bypass (that American Idol judge being the most recent, but also Carnie Wilson and Al Roker), and everyone puts them on magazine covers and says how great it is. Why? Why is it great? Because they're rich enough to be able to afford an uneccessary and unhealthy surgery to lose some weight they gained by being lazy?

I can say that without much guilt because I, myself, gained a bunch of weight by being lazy. But when it was time to lose it, I took over a year out of my life and consistently ate better and exercised. I came out of it 70 pounds lighter and 300% healthier. Starving myself wouldn't have produced the same results, and that's all that gastric bypass is about.

It's great that magazines and newspapers and everything else are showing weight loss success stories to get people into the gym and into a more healthy lifestyle, but I wish they would stop making it seem like surgery or the Atkins diet are the only ways to do it. EAT LESS. EXERCISE MORE. That's all you have to do to lose weight.

I also don't mind fat people who don't mind being fat. That's fine. You should be happy in your own skin and happy about your body. But if you're not happy with your body, you should take the steps yourself to become happy. Liposuction and gastric bypass are an overkill, and it's the lazy man's way out of a lazy man's problem. Instead of buying a surgery, maybe you'd be better off buying a treadmill.

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