I've had a

I've had a good couple of days. On Saturday I got some work done during the day, then headed up to DeKalb to visit Jaimee. We had a good night, and I had chicken fingers from Chili's. Mmm mmm good.

Sunday I had to leave sort of early to drive down to Galesburg for my grandpa's birthday thing. It was the typical family gathering for that side of the family. They talked a lot about tractors and farms, and me, Sarah, and Robert just sat there.

I had left my cell phone at Jaimee accidently (or maybe not), so, since she's such a nice girl, she drove down to give it back to me on Monday. We saw Frailty, which was okay at best. The coolest part was that they showed a Jason X trailer before the real movie. That movie looks so awesome.

I've also been hunting around for a new apartment. I hate hunting for apartments. I've visited a couple of them, nice ones, and I think I have it pretty much decided which one I'll be taking. The bad part is that the building won't be ready until June 1st, and I have to be out of my current apartment by May 20th. So, that leaves me 10 homeless days. We'll see what we can work out.

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