I've had a

I've had a good weekend so far.

I knew that Wolford and Steph were going to be in town on Saturday night, and I really wanted to see both of them. So, I devoted my Friday night to working to clear up my Saturday night. I worked until 1 or so before I went out to wait for Wolford and Polk who were supposed to come and hang out with me. But, they ditched me, so I just went to bed. Losers. Not that I'm bitter or anything....

Saturday I slept in way, way too late for my own good and spent the majority of the day dicking around and playing video games. I met Polk and Wolford at One World and then dicked around some more. Steph called me around 6, and Wolford came over about 7, and we just hung out until Steph came over and we headed out to the movie.

We saw Shallow Hal, which was way, way more girly than I expected it to be. Wolford... remember our conversation where I thought this was the 2nd Farrelly brothers movie in a row that was somewhat girly, but you said Me, Myself, and Irene was the last one? Well, I thought of their REAL last one.... Say It Isn't So, which actually is girly too. So there you go.

So anyhoo, after the movie, we met Molly at Perkins and grabbed a bite to eat. Polk was also there, but he was too busy macking on some chick to notice us. After that we went back to my place to chill and hang out, but unfortunately Alan was throwing a kegger for himself and like 6 annoying little fuckers. They were yelling and screaming and being obnoxious. Finally I just had to turn down the TV and scold them... Fabish was sick and sleeping, so I thought Alan should have been a tad more considerate than to drag those loud retards over there and get them drunk. But I digress. Molly, Steph, Wolford and I sat on my porch to get away from them (or at least I was trying to get away from them) before Steph and Molly called it a night.

Today I was woken up by a phone that wouldn't stop ringing. It was Alan, who was driving his brother home and ran out of gas on the interstate. So I had to pick him up, go buy a gas can, fill it, and take him back, which is way more activity than I like before my morning shower.

Today will be spent working on this brand new money-making scheme before taking a break to watch Simpsons and Futura and Malcome in the Middle.

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