I've never felt

I've never felt like such a pathetic, lonely fat man as when I stood in line at Cubs yesterday and looked at what I had just filled my basket with. About 20 different varieties of Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice microwave dinners (I still don't trust any of the distinctly non-American ones, although I did branch out into Italian yesterday. Next up is Chinese, I think). The lady at the checkout asked if I found everything okay, to which I replied "Yep. Well, I only needed that one aisle." The look on her face was one of pity. I was going to throw in that I enjoyed bachelor life, but I thought that would make me look even more sad. I paid and left without saying another word to her.

Anyway, I shook that experience off real quick and went home and exercised my little heart out for while. Jenny came over to collect on my debt to her after losing a bet. I took her to Applebees, where I stayed true to my diet and went with a Weight Watchers chicken sandwich thing that really didn't impress  me. The guy across the aisle got my favorite... fried chicken fingers and riblets. I looked over and drooled, then turned back to my crappy, bland, tasteless, and expensive sandwich.

Also, I feel like a damned fool ordering diet-oriented stuff at restaurants. I mean, I'm 6'2", and weigh like 215. And I'm ordering a side salad or bowl of soup with a diet soda? I can tell the waitress is looking at me like "uh... you look like a hot wings and beer type, not a salad type." And she's right, of course. But then again, I felt like kind of an idiot ordering salad and soup back when I was skinny too. I've gotten used to ordering diet soda though.

That was a weird tangent, but whatever. After Applebee's we spent some time wandering around Target where I picked up my first 12 pack of Jones Soda, I believe it was Blueberry Gum flavored or some such thing. Target is the greatest store on the planet I think, and will be even better once the joint is finished with the renovations. It feels almost creepy walking through now, with plastic sheeting everywhere and places blocked off with the imitation police tape that says "Target" all over it.

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