I've now lost count.

I love New Years like you wouldn't believe. I'll get to that part in a second, but first, the rest of my weekend.

Friday I got off work a little early on account of the weather. Instead of going straight home, I went to the DMV to finally get my license renewed. Now they won't look so closely at the birthday when they card me. Hopefully. After many, many failed attempts at finding someone to eat dinner with, I finally joined the ranks who would be going to dinner at around 10, after they went to see a movie. So, me, Steph, Angie, Tim C., and Brice all went to Castaway, which didn't suck, then out to eat.

Saturday I cleaned for the majority of the day. I had just learned that I was having a New Years party, so I wanted to make it pretty. Saturday night me, Mullens, Anna, Dave, and TJ went bowling. We tried to avoid TJ and Dave because they're pretty loud and obnoxious. We didn't succeed in that, though, so we only bowled one game before our tolerance ran out. By this point in the night we had met up with Steph and Molly, so I had people to distract me from TJ and Dave. After bowling we all (minus TJ and Dave) went back to my place and watched The Patriot until we all fell asleep. I kicked them out, then went to bed.

Sunday was the shit.

I had a little more cleaning to do, then me, Mullens, and Angie all ran the errands associated with throwing a party. We had to buy the alcohol and all the food. We went all out, buying huge bags of pizza rolls, frozen pizzas, bread sticks, chips, dips, you name it, we had it. Finding a keg was extremely difficult, but we managed to get that done too.

Me, Mullens, Angie and Anna made a very nice dinner. We had steak, chicken, corn, etc. etc. After that, the drinking began. People slowly started trickling in, and at the most we had maybe 15 or 20 people there, more than half of them I didn't know.

The night was relatively uneventful, until everyone started getting very affectionate near midnight. There was one girl there, Becky, who I had known since 2nd grade. She's a very pretty girl, but always talks about her breasts being too small. I always come back, saying they're fine. Well, we got into our little breast conversation when she confesses that the bra she was wearing was padded. Then she grabbed my hand and put it right on her boob and told me to feel it. I was petrified. I had no idea what to do, so I sat there like an idiot until she let me take my hand away. I mean, I had known her since grade school. Now my hand was on her boob. It was weird and awkward.

Anyhoo, at midnight everyone kissed each other. EVERYONE. That's what I meant by the subject. Before this point, I had kissed 5 girls and that was that. New Years Eve it at least doubled, I'm sure. I can't remember who I did and didn't kiss. I'm pretty sure I kissed all the girls that were there, with the exception of the girls that came with their boyfriends.

A little later in the night yet another girl jammed her tongue down my throat. That was really cool though. She was really cute, and I was kind of hitting on her, although not doing a very good job. Later in the night TJ and Dave were hitting on her and I guess she liked them more. Ah well, no big deal.

Pretty much everyone at the party slept at my apartment and the next morning they finished up the leftover pizza, watched a movie or 2, then left. I just sat around all day in my messed up apartment because I was too tired to clean or go out.

Yeah, so, that was my weekend. I'm going to raise that kiss tally to 13 girls, conservatively. Or maybe I should just go with 6 and ignore the pecks between friends. Or maybe I just shouldn't worry about it.

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