Jack Pukes, Peter Mocks.

Last night was my dad's birthday celebration dinner where my mom made tacos. Jack was complaining of a sick belly, but complaining in such a way as to make us believe he just wanted to leave the table to watch TV. My sister had him eat some cottage cheese before dismissing him from the table. He stood up and promptly vomitted all over my parents' newly refinished hardwood floors. But that's only half the story.

As my sister and dad scrubbed the floor, little Peter stood there looking shocked, unable to take his eyes away from the mess that had escaped from his older brother's mouth. My sister said something like "Peter, what happened?", to which Peter replied by hunching over slightly, opening his mouth, and sticking out his tongue, exactly how Jack had just expelled his dinner. I proceeded to laugh so hard I thought I was going to puke myself. Peter looked proud of himself for making everyone laugh, and just kept fake-puking over and over and over. I have some cool nephews.

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