Jeep tire problems.

I got bigger tires for my Jeep a few weeks ago, and ever since, one has been leaking air slowly. It was on my list of things to fix, but it was also a tad low on my list since it was a really slow leak and all. Every couple of days, I'd have to spend 5 minutes at one of those air pumps at a gas station and be on my way. But yesterday I was walking out to my car after work and saw my tire was almost flat.

I was even a bit scared to drive it across the street on it. But, I did, since it was really my only choice. I spent $4 and about 45 minutes at the air pump, only to get my tire up to a whooping 9 psi. It should have been about 35. So, I took the back roads at slow speeds back to my place and got on my phone to see if I could find someone who had an air compressor I could use. My dad has one, but he also lives about 15 miles away and I didn't really trust a tire with 9psi to go for 15 miles. I called Missy (actually, I only talked to her parents), Steph (actually, I only talked to her mom), and John Zarr (actually, I only talked to his mom). John's mom had one I could use, although it sucked, it did the job. I had a nice long talk with his mom, who is a really nice lady, but really talkative. Her daughter and my good friend died in a car accident almost 2 years ago, and we talked about the anniversary of her death that's coming up soon. July 5th was the accident, and she died on July 8th, if memory serves. That was 2 years ago now... if she hadn't gotten in that car accident, she'd be finishing up with ICC and heading off to a 4 year school right now. She'd be spending this summer making sure she had some furniture to use for her apartment, finding a roommate, working to earn some extra cash, registering for classes... strange to think.

So, after that I went home, and Steph came over, and we watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. I started The Little Shop of Horrors, but got tired and went to sleep halfway through.

And that was my evening.

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