Jesus I hate

Jesus, I hate my fucking job. I hate retail. I hate knowing I have to go back tomorrow.

On Monday I went into the store, already a bit pissed off because this week I start a new, shitty schedule with fucked up hours so they don't have to give us overtime. So I walk in only to find out the person who closed the night before fucked up a bunch of stuff that I had to fix. So I fixed it, annoyed the entire time.

Then a guy walks in and starts yelling at me about rebates. I told him what I tell every customer when it comes to rebates, but it wasn't good enough for him. I forwarded him to the lady in charge of them who wasn't pleased that I did that, and this guy complains about me saying I treated him poorly. The whole thing was silly and pissed me off even more. They don't pay me enough for this shit.

So then I find out that, in addition to only giving us 37 hours per week now, they also docked me hours last week. That's not only fucking wrong and annoying, but also illegal. Fuck the Digi Stizzy. It's not quite as bad as I hated Iona, but it's getting there. I want out so bad. But I suppose that's a good way to motivate me to find another job. I'd take just about anything. I just really hate it there.

Everything else is fine, though. When I hated Iona, the hatred seeped into every facet of my life. Now I just need a bit of unwind time and I barely think about how much I hate working.

I've once heard that some people are born to work and some people are born to play. I guess I'm the latter. I'm just looking for something I love as much as I loved working at Kinko's, but preferably paid more.

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