Like Jon McClane

I was out on my evening jog yesterday minding my own business. I figure I went about 6 miles... maybe a little more. I got home and made my way right to the bathroom for my 2 minute freezing cold shower I always take after sweating up a storm outside. I glanced into the mirror and nearly fainted at the site of a quarter of my face covered with blood that had dripped down my neck. Luckily I was wearing my red shirt that I carefully removed and washed my face. The culprit was a teeny tiny little skinned area where my glasses had rubbed my nose raw. It didn't hurt and once washed off, you couldn't even see anything except an area that was slightly redder than the surrounding area. I figure it bled a little and the sweat made it spread very quickly. And my bouncing glasses probably just made it worse. I laughed at the thought of me running down the street while cars passed thinking I had just gotten beat up or something. It still doesn't hurt, but I'm a little paranoid its going to rip open at work. That would be embarrassing.

Tonight is Hoops night. I love Hoops.

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