Just for fun

Just for fun (but with a big payoff at the end), let's recount all the car accidents I've ever been in. It'll be fun.

When I was 13 or so, I was riding with my barely 16 year old sister when a guy cut us off. She slammed on her brakes, hit a patch of ice, and skidded into a corn field.

When I was 16, I hit a parked car during my driving test (as an aside, I retook it the next day and got my license).

At least twice, I drove the Bluick into a ditch due to icy or rainy circumstances and me driving like a moron.

In a crowded mall parking lot around Christmas time, I was trying to scoot as close as possible to the car in front of me to allow a guy to turn behind me. I ended up tapping his bumper.

In my Camaro I was racing Mullens in his Mustang. We came to a turn which I got around well, then floored it. I hit a patch of gravel and slid off the road.

After my grandma's funeral, Robert was driving me back to my place. We were turning right. He was looking over his shoulder, saw it was clear, and went ahead. He rear ended the car in front of him.

I was going out for a couple of beers with Brian and John Kelly, when Brian made the same mistake Robert did and rear ended a truck.

And the big pay off: Last night, Mullens made the same mistake as Brian and Robert, getting me involved in yet another car accident. And the victim: Angie and I. Yes, I was on the receiving end. In Angie's car. It happened as we made the trek from Hoops to Jimmy's. Mullens' car blew a radiator and was rendered undrivable. We had to wait for Anna to pick us up.

Don't worry, my neck is fine and I don't plan on suing for damages. Unless he pisses me off.

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