Just got back

Just got back from my evaluation.

Ah, I feel SO MUCH FREER. So much better. Lots of good stuff.

It got cut short, because of a meeting the big boss had to go to. We didn't get into discussing my working at home options, or even freelancing options. When I mentioned them, he said I absolutely COULD do either of those things, but we wouldn't have time to discuss them today.

I got a raise. That's always a nice thing. It was a pretty fat raise too. The raise, of course, will mean absolutely nothing if I choose to go freelance, which I probably will.

The big boss also said he'd like to keep me around, and may take measures to discourage me from going freelance or working at home. That's fine... he can take those measures if he wants. We'll discuss those options on Monday, I guess.

Last night I went out with Steph and got some stuff off my chest that needed to get off my chest. Our phone is now disconnected, for some reason. I'll have to check into that today.

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