This just in:

This just in: Alkaline Trio is a fantastic band.

"When was it that you sold your life or wasted,
Every bite of that small slice you never tasted?
I guess I should be one to talk.
There's times when I can't even walk.
There's days I couldn't give a fuck,
and in between is where I'm stuck.
From blocks away I heard somebody screaming,
that small child inside of you that you left bleeding.
You stabbed him up not once but twice.
Cubicles will now suffice.
Some say it's the roll of the dice.
I think they're wrong, I know I'm right."

That's good stuff, I tell ya.

So, this weekend was about the least eventful weekend on earth. Every day since Thursday I've been invited to go to various bars, but was forced to decline their invites since I have no money. What a sad state of affairs. On Friday I didn't do anything until Alan got home, at which point we watched some TV and drank a couple beers. Mullens stopped by briefly. He's in the Marine reserves, so he's all packed and ready to go if we get the word we're going to war. We talked like old times, although it was weird that he had to update me on things that happened 5 months ago. Shit. 5 months. I used to know everything that was going on with the kid, and we've now missed 5 years of each other's life because of some stupid girl. Crazy.

Saturday night I did nothing. I sat on my couch. That's about it.

Oh, I've been picking up free meals wherever I can get them. My dad has taken me out to lunch a few times, and on Friday I went to dinner with my family and grandpa. Today I'm going to my sister's place. I went to my parent's again yesterday to talk to my dad about this project he's planning, and while I was there I stole as much food as possible. I miss being able to go out and eat whenever I want, and go out and buy DVDs when one I sort of want to see comes out.

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