Kick ass.

So, the unveiling of my failed project. Ready, set go!

Here it is. I spent $5,000 setting it up, plus getting a merchant account up and running for processing credit card orders, plus getting the whole mySQL, PHP back end set up, etc. Anyway, up until last week, it had made me $17. Then I decided to sell it by putting it on eBay. It didn't sell (or get any bids, for that matter), but one guy did email me and asked if I would sell him non-exclusive rights to the mascots for $150. I said abso-freaking-lutely.

So, that got me thinking. If I could make $150 for a fraction of the content, what are the chances that I could put the content on a CD and sell it for $15 or $20 each? Pretty good, I think.

I emailed Dave and asked for his advice. He said it's a wonderful idea and he's all about helping me get going on this project. The great part is that the stuff is already finished. I would need to make neat little graphics for the CD case and a cool interface when you pop it in, but that wouldn't take more than a few hours. So, I'm feeling good, and feeling like maybe all that work wasn't a complete waste. I've now made 3% of my money back (minus the monthly costs of maintaining it, but let's ignore those), and I'm aiming for aroung 50%.

Everything's coming up Wasson.

And this guy wants to go into business with me. And it's been 27 days since I started selling the Bruce/Sam VCDs, and so far it's made me just over $230. My auctions on unclaimed freight are doing fairly well, and I'm doing pretty okay myself. Go me.

Plus, I think we're eating at Kouri's tonight.

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