For the last 2 days.

Nothing significant has happened since my last entry, which is why I didn't bother posting yesterday. I've just spent the last few days watching TV and goofing around and doing nothing in particular. I will try to make this entry long by filling it with all sorts of fluff and nonsense. That sounds fun.

On Wednesday night I was going to get a pizza delivered for dinner. I opened the door when he got there, and Abby took off towards it. I never really try too hard to stop her, because usually she's so interested in whoever is at the door to run off. Well, not this time. She just took off right down the street. I handed the pizza guy a $20 and told him to leave me my change as I went running after my stupid dog. She made it all the way to the end of the block and halfway down the next. She was getting dangerously close to Main Street, which is pretty busy, especially that time of the day. I was getting a little worried. Finally I just stopped and yelled in my loudest, meanest voice "ABBY, COME HERE!" She stopped dead in her tracks, turned around, crouched down, and wimpered on back to me. I carried her home by her collar, which I'm sure she didn't appreciate, but oh well.

That's about my only story from the last few days.

But Mullens stopped by to see me at lunch yesterday. Conversation was kind of awkward, but it felt good for him to call me again. It didn't really strike me how long it had been since we hung out until he asked me if I got a hair cut. It had been a few weeks since I got one. Thinking back, the only time since high school I've gone more than a week without hanging out with Mullens was when he went to boot camp. And when I went to college. So, in retrospect, I guess there were a lot of times, but that's not the point.

Last night I just ate my left over pizza and watched Survivor 2. Colby was robbed, I tell you. Tina was no survivor. She only won one challenge, and it was basically her family that did that. Sure, being a survivor isn't all about physical strength, be he also won the memory game and he proved that he knew the other survivors better than anyone. I was hoping he'd give Tina the boot with the last immunity so he'd take the million easily, but I gained even more respect for him when he kept his alliance with Tina. I mean, keeping the alliance cost him $900,000, but he did that just to keep that money away from someone who didn't deserve it. Go Colby. He should have won.

Last night was possibly the last big, loud, thumpy Thursday night party they always throw upstairs. Next week is finals, which may not stop them, but we'll see. Then they move out. That will be really nice. I hate them.

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