Last night I

Last night I went back to my parent's, again. Dinner was good, and free. Swedish meatballs, which my mom has mastered. My great grandma (who lived to the tender age of 94) was born and raised in Sweden, so you can imagine that she was pretty good at making meatballs. She taught my mom everything she knows. She's pretty good at it, but not anywhere close to my great grandma.

I also had to put a new thermostat in my car. My heater works now, which is good, considering it's about 80 below in Illinois these days.

I went home for a little while, then I had to drive Brice to work. Then I went to pick up Steph and we saw Dude, Where's my Car? It was okay... kinda funny, in a "this is a movie I would have written when I was 12" kind of way. I wouldn't pay for it though. Either sneak in, or rent it.

Tonight I'm going to sleep early, damn it. I will not be driving Brice to work, because he works at 9, and I will be fast asleep by then.

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