Last night I

Last night I was one of the lucky chosen few who got to bartend at a special event held here at work. I'd never bartended before, and my skills at mixing drinks aren't quite well developped, but I had a great time with it all.

Anyway, the event was a benefit dinner for the Center for Prevention of Abuse, and the guest speaker was Naomi Judd. I didn't get to say more than a few words to her, since she was preoccupied with a bunch of photo ops and people trying to crowd around her and other assorted craziness. Most of the people working the event got to have a picture taken with her, but I wasn't interested enough to go out of my way for one. Without photographic evidence, everyone will just have to take my word for it that I met Naomi Judd, but I would have rather met Ashley.

The event ended kind of late, then I had to help with clean up duties, all while looking really fancy in my tux. I got out just in time to miss the festivities at Martini's. Sorry guys... I'll be there next month, although won't be wearing a tux.

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