Last night I

Last night I had some time to kill before my art class, so I killed it by getting a haircut.

Usually the best part of the haircut is the shampoo. I love it. I love getting my head massaged. Well, yesterday, a guy was cutting my hair. I didn't really care, but I learned an important lesson... getting your head rubbed is much better coming from a girl. I didn't like his man hands, and he pushed too hard. And he didn't have the fingernails that I like to feel rubbing against my scalp. But I digress.

He took a long time on a haircut I thought was pretty simple. So long, in fact, that I had to skip dinner to make it to my art class on time.

I got to class, set up, and made some small talk with my teacher and another student. 7:15 rolled around, and we didn't have a model yet. Well, long story short, the model apparently got cold feet and didn't want to pose nude for us. We were sent home, with the promise of getting an extra class tacked on to the end of our schedule.

So it was 7:45 and I was at home with nothing to do. Angie and crew were going to Gorman's, but I wasn't in the mood. Instead I just watched some TV and fiddled on the internet until I went to bed.

And that was my night.

Tonight I'm taking a small road trip, but word has it the roads are going to be horrible. I'm not looking forward to the trip much, but I'm very much looking forward to getting there.

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