Last night I

Last night I woke up coughing so hard that I ended up puking. That was fun. Today I'm tired and have a ridiculous headache, but feel okay otherwise. I just put in a few hours at the gallery, and now I'm about to head off to Childer's to finish up the mural I didn't quite get finished last night.

My dog is the saddest little thing in the world. As I was getting ready to go to the gallery, I told her to go to bed. She started walking really slow and kept turning around, looking at me with sad eyes, hoping I'd change my mind. I finally decided to take her with me to the gallery since I felt so bad about leaving her in there alone all day. When we got there, Heidi, the owner's dog, kept growling at poor Winnie. Winnie just kept wagging her tail and jumping around, completely oblivious that Heidi did not want to be friends. Sue gave Winnie a grape, and she tried with all her might to eat it, but instead kept making weird sour faces. My dog is pathetic.

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