Last night I actually did something fun.

Immediately after work I went to my aunt's house to help her with her computer, an activity I get more frustrated with every single time I do it. I knew I'd have to leave early for Angie's celebratory dinner, so I left after just an hour and a half or so.

We were supposed to be eating with a big group of people. Well, long story short, the big group turned out to be the usual group of me, Angie, and Mullens. We went to Chedder's, where Fabish was working. We just joked around and had a good time. Afterwards we headed downtown to a little pub. We drank a little more and ate some nachos.

I went home a little before 11, but they went to yet another bar. I probably should have gone with them. Instead, I went to sleep.

I woke up this morning with a nose that wasn't stuffed up and no headache or sore throat or anything. Ah, the healing properties of good old beer. I still have a weird coat of slippery yet dry nastiness on my lips. What's up with that?

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