Last night marked

Last night marked the 5th night in a row that someone fell asleep on my couch.

Ready for the next edition of "Things that piss me off that shouldn't?". Here we go.

Last night a friend of mine stopped by. He ate my food. Leftovers, from my fridge, and tried to tell me I made it wrong. He wanted to borrow my phone to make plans with someone else (which is rude in it's own right) and said "gimme the phone" instead of "can I use your phone?" Then he fell asleep on my couch, which I HATE so much. So, I just went to my room and was doing things online when he finally woke up, and then he told me I was being boring. So he left. God this is pissing me off. I'm gonna have to do some yellingif this is going to stop. I hate yelling, but I also hate getting pissed off about these little things I know shouldn't piss me off. But such is life, right?

I tried to get to sleep early last night. It didn't work. I went to bed somewhere around 10:30, and laid there for like 2 hours. I thought I was tired, but I guess not. Then a party started right above me and I woke up. Luckily it wasn't a loud party and they were playing some cool music, so it put me right back to sleep. Except everytime I went back to sleep, someone upstairs yelled really loud and woke me back up. I probably got a total of 5 hours last night, and I spent 9 hours in my bed.

Rumor has it that a party is going on tonight to celebrate the end of finals for the college people. I may have to put in a guest appearance...

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