Last night Mullens

Last night Mullens had a small gathering around my fire place at his house. I had cheddar wurst and exactly 3 beers... 1 per hour and a half, keeping my promise to never, ever, ever get as drunk as I was last weekend. Never again. Anyway, it was fun times.

Today is my extremely productive day. I've already killed my lawn, or at least I think I'm done killing it. When I moved in, there wasn't much grass. It was all crab grass and Creeping Charlies. I thought I could kill the weeds without killing the grass, but I was wrong. Especially since Alan's dog has moved in and killed everything but the weeds. So today I sprayed Round Up over the entire yard, which means in 5 days it'll be ready for new seed. Hopefully next Spring I'll have a bright, shiny, new yard to play in.

I also spent some time redoing my office. It's now a "muted gold" (color name compliments of Jaimee) with deep red curtains and a sweet ass curtain rod. I'm in the process of a huge painting to fill the only empty wall, after which, I will have 1 room in my house which I will consider complete.

It's weird how I actually enjoy this stuff now. I always hated doing this crap when I was a kid, but I'm glad my dad showed me how so I can do it myself now that I'm all grown up.

Tomorrow is my first day of employment. Stephanie was at Mullens' cookout last night and she said that, despite what she said about me being part time on paper, I'd be starting full time with benefits. And that kicks ass. We also talked more about the cell phone repair and networking stuff, so hopefully I won't be a "sales rep" for long. I never saw myself as a sales rep. But I guess I never saw myself as a cell phone repairman either.

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