Last night was

Last night was a big night out with Fabish and Alan. Well, okay, it was a small night out. We went out at 10 and were home by 11:45. It was good conversation though. Fabish and Amy are getting pretty nervous about the big day, which makes sense, beings how it's less than 3 weeks away. We even talked politics, and I kept up a little bit with the stuff I learned watching The Daily Show.

Our old landlord was also there. Strange that just the 3 of us would be out when we ran into him, since we were his 3 tenants.

Today I go to work and I mail off my Nintendo Computer.

My diet took a bit of a spill. With Jaimee leaving, I kind of overate everything I could possibly overeat, then continued that after she left, because her food was here. I gained back about 5 pounds, but I've lost about 3 of that in the past couple of days from working out extra hard and eating extra less. No more Famous Amos and Zelda for me. I'm back on course and ready to lose the rest of my weight. And the crowd goes wild.

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